Raised Garden Tray


The most space and energy efficient indoor garden system will grow an abundance of greens and herbs for you.


Measurements: 29 × 16 × 20.6 inches
Floor area: 3.2 sq ft | 0.3 m2.
Plant capacity: 25 plants per 1 module
Color: White

The unique tray system guarantees a weekly harvest

A tray with ready-to-harvest greens can easily be removed from the garden, replaced with another to start growing the next cycle, and is taken to the table where you eat or kitchen counter where you prepare your meals. The plants in the removed tray stay fresh for up to a week, keeping all of their nutrients intact and avoiding food waste.

The Click & Grow 25 - harvest weekly

Stack the units to match your needs

The product is fully modular and customizable. You can grow your favorite greens from 25 to hundreds at home with ease. You can stack units on top of each other to increase the output so that it fits the size of your house.

The Click & Grow 25 - modular and customizable

Space efficient

The unit takes up just 3.2 sq ft/0.3 sq m of floor or countertop space, and you’re able to grow 25 plants simultaneously per module/unit. By stacking three modules on top of each other, you’re able to grow 75 plants on the same floor space.

The Click & Grow - space efficient and modular

Energy efficient

One module uses just 200 kWh or $24/€20 worth of energy per year, which means you’ll not see a dent on your electric bill. That’s 10 times more sustainable use of energy per plant compared to many common alternatives.