Planting nursery bag


Made of felt fabric, it is highly durable, UV resistant, provides excellent air circulation throughout the soil and root system, and allows excess moisture to drain easily.

Cloth flower pots enrich the soil with air and loosen the soil structure, which is beneficial to the growth of rhizomes and absorption of nutrients for Moraceae, greatly shortening the planting time.

The plant growth bag can be unfolded, filled and grown, which is very suitable for herb gardens, small gardens or vegetables.

There is no need to fill your yard with empty flower pots and containers in winter. After the growing season is over, you only need to pour the soil out of the cloth bag and pack it.

A soft raised garden bed with instant fabric for growing plants, flowers and fresh herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Whether indoor or outdoor decoration, it is adaptable.

Product specification

Weight: 6.35oz
Color: black, green, purple