Land digging bit Dig a deep hole for three seconds Suitable for planting flowers/trees/crops Easily dig up hard ground Special offer this month


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Quick drilling
Applicable to 99% of electric drill.
Sturdy and durable

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Dig a hole in three seconds

In less than three seconds, our drill can quickly drill a deep hole in your desired position, saving time and effort.


Create a beautiful garden

Efficient tools give you more time to organize your garden according to your imagination and creativity.



You can also use it to drill golf holes, or drill holes in the ice.


Spiral drilling head

When planting plants, it can easily drill holes, saving time and effort, and won’t make you overwork. In addition, it can adapt to all kinds of soil hardness, so it is a good planting tool.


Good planting assistant

Auger spiral drill bit improves the efficiency of drilling holes, making large-scale planting easier and faster. The solid drill bit is matched with spiral blades which improves the digging efficiency and makes drilling faster and more convenient.

Save time and effort

Digging tools make large-scale planting easier and quicker.

Center positioning

Concentric positioning drilling is effortless and not prone to deviation, and the drilling can be easily and accurately completed.

Easy to operate

Small size, easy to carry, high working efficiency and convenient operation.

Adapt to different geology

The high-hardness screw bit can adapt to various geological conditions, and can work perfectly in both sandy and gravel fields.


High-quality metal is selected as the raw material, and the surface of the drill bit is coated with a layer of paint to prevent rust and corrosion, which greatly prolongs the service life and ensures its strongest digging performance.

Product specification

Size: S:1.57″x8.6″ / M:1.57″x17.7″ / L:3.14″x7.08″ / XL:3.14″x9.84″
Weight: S: 1.1lbs / M: 1.2lbs / L: 1.4lbs / XL: 1.9lbs
Material: Metal



A variety of specifications to choose from

There are four models from big to small, and there are many lengths to choose from according to your requirements.