3D Multilayer Flower Pot


Stackable flower pots:

Each flower pot has slots, so you can use them as 6 independent flower pots, or stack them to build a flower tower!

It is a kind of cool decoration, such as doors, porches, balconies, lawns, terraces, etc. Eye-catching and space-saving, it is ideal for birthday parties and romantic weddings.

Multi-layer stacking

Superimposed groove design, can be easily superimposed, with good stability and not easy to fall off.

Watering system:

Water the top basin, and the water will flow vertically and slowly, which will benefit the layers below.

Removable dish:

Equipped with a flexible plant dish, sturdy and durable, so that you can easily move the potted plants to any place you want.

The raised edge structure will store excess water and soil, keeping the floor clean all day.


Flower pot: 37.5cm*17cm / 14.8in*6.7in
Moving tray: 32cm*3.7cm/12.6in*1.5in
Total height: 8cm (including wheels)/3.15in
Ordinary tray: 35.5cm*3cm/14in*1.2in
Flower pot: 290g / 10.2 oz
Ordinary tray: 200g / 7.1 oz
Mobile tray: 380g / 13.4 oz
Color: white, khaki, green, red, pink, purple
Material: plastic