2 Raised Fabric Planters, 3 Divided Grids, Durable Square Planter Planter Bag


About this article

  • Divided design: As you can see, our raised fabric garden pot bed, size 35 x 12 x 10 inches, is divided into 3 grids of the same size, allowing you to grow 3 different plants in one pot box at the same time .
  • Neat and Organized: If you grow in the backyard, you don’t want to ruin your view with a messy plot. These separate vegetable beds create a clean, easy-to-manage planting area. The breathable grow bag can make the roots breathe fully and let the water permeate without being suffocated by watering and become healthier.
  • High Quality Material: Made of superior breathable PP material to promote faster plant growth through better aeration, provides water drainage to stop excess water.
  • EASY TO USE – This is an amazing way to grow vegetables without the hassle of an underground garden. It is easy to put up a garden bed, as long as it is deployed on any level surface, porch, patio, terrace or terrace, it can grow, it is easy to use and it can improve your level of gardening. It is an excellent product, it creates a control environment.
  • Ideal for Growing and Planting Seedlings: This raised garden bed is perfect for seedlings and growers, and can be used with pots or growers made of any material. The cube can be placed on any flat surface, roof, terrace, urban garden, concrete, etc.

1 piece, 2 pcs


3 Grids, 4 Grids, 9 Grids