Family kitchen farm


? Your own vegetable garden. There are self-produced salads, herbs and small vegetables throughout the year!

? ?No courtyard or roof is needed. No matter the size, it is the perfect choice for your family, and can be fully adjusted according to your needs and purposes.

? New hydroponics technology:

As the self-starting submersible pump is adopted, the water level will rise and fall regularly. This movement forms a continuous loop around the root. And nutrients and oxygen are updated in each cycle. Alternation will make the roots grow well.

?Smart Pump

The existence of the pump can avoid the stagnation of water, thus avoiding the good circulation of the nutrient solution, and avoiding the root oxidation phenomenon that hinders optimal irrigation of plants. It is controlled by the system, and it is triggered 8 times every 24 hours, each time only for a few minutes.

?Most efficient light:

It emits 8 times as much light as other small indoor gardens. Lights are connected to the application. It automatically turns on in the morning and turns off at night. It is connected to the application via Bluetooth, so all settings can be done with your mobile phone.

?New liquid nutrients:

Liquid nutrition provides elements that can be directly absorbed by the roots: pure mineral salts such as iron, manganese, phosphorus, etc. This is a liquid nutrient solution which is completely diluted in water and optimally distributed throughout the water tank, so as to provide nutrients for all plants through the roots.

?Multiple modules:

A system consisting of a plurality of modular and interchangeable trays. So, according to what you want to plant, you can simply exchange trays!

?Increase production:

By increasing production on a large scale, family farming can become a reality: you will be able to produce an important part of daily food.


?No limit:

More than 80 kinds of plants can be planted! Succulent vegetables, beans, zucchini, jalapenos, green leafy vegetables. Root vegetables and slightly green vegetables.

?Available in 4 versions to perfectly fit your interior:

15 to 20 plants (place on a buffet or kitchen counter)
One Level:
15 to 20 plants (placed on the ground)
Two Level:
30 to 40 plants (placed on the ground)
Three Level:
From 45 to 60 plants (placed on the ground)

?An elegant and sober design that complements your decor

Scandinavian design, light beech columns and soft curves are elegant and pure objects that can perfectly blend into your indoor space. Its soft, eternal shapes and natural materials display plants on the luminous base.

?Prudent technique

Its lights are designed to be soft, warm and not dazzling. The water pump is completely silent, which is perfect for your family.


Three Levels:

Height:180cm /71in
Width: 63cm 25 in
Depth: 40cm 16in

Two Levels:

Height: 146cm/57in
Width: 60cm /24in
Depth: 40cm 16in

One Level:

Height:83cm /33in
Width: 63cm 25in
Depth:40cm /16in


Height: 60cm 24in
Width: 60cm 24in
Depth: 40cm 16in