Humidity detector


This soil moisture test meter tool fully embodies the characteristics of intelligence and convenience. It can be used after being inserted into the soil. There are indicator lights to get the test results concisely and clearly. It is suitable for a variety of soil materials and the test is simpler. It is a useful helper in your garden.

Easy to test and identify, just need to insert it into the soil, then you just see the color of the lamp to identify the moisture of soil.

Mushroom style, so cute, harmoniously integrated into the plant environment

Wide application: You can use it for the indoor or outdoor plants, in your garden and so on places.

With the indicator lights, if the green light flashing every 2 hours, it means fine humidity. If the orange light flashing every 6 seconds, it indicates a medium humidity, and need water it appropriately. If the red light flashing every 6 seconds, it means the soil is dry and watering is required immediately.

You don’t need to pull out this tester, you can plug it in the soil for a long time for continuous testing.

This tool suitable for different types of plants, such as for the meatless plants, it recommends inserting the scale of about 8cm(3.14in), for the plants with high humidity requirements, it recommends about 4cm(1.57in) insert.


Material: Plastics
Battery: 1 * AAA battery
Package size: 7.9in * 2.4in * 1.2in
Package weight: 2.5ounce
Style: Mushroom Style / Conventional Style