Gardening pergola


〖HELP PLANT GROWTH〗In the season of flowering plants, the frame can keep flowers upright, will not be crushed.

〖REUSABLE〗The combination of iron and plastic materials, durable, and can be used in many seasons, reducing idle time.

〖EASY TO INSTALL〗Do not need to use the product apart, just gently rotate to the appropriate angle and position can be recovered when not in use, without taking up space.

〖SCOPE OF APPLICATION〗 It can be used for traction of tomato, cucumber, morning glory and other rattans, both support functions, but also can make the growth of plant foliage better.

〖HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL〗Metal pipe is made of plastic material, the ring is made of metal wire.

Product specification

Size: 3 ring pillar-29.5in
Material: steel + plastic